Elastic, agile and adaptive leadership masterclass – with Roy Osherove

The Problem

As managers, architects, and other types of technical team leaders, you usually learn the “what” of how your teams should work. You learn about methodologies, practices and techniques for delivering software. Often, you leave courses on these topics with a great desire to “change” how things work, but soon discover you are “stuck”. Stuck convincing your team to adopt specific practices. Stuck by not having enough time to learn how to accomplish these practices (“we don’t have time for unit testing”). Stuck with all the people related aspects of leading a team.


In this workshop we will learn essential skills and techniques for leading software teams, based on elastic and adaptive leadership principles. You will gain the skills to make real change happen in your team, and to grow the team you want from the team you have.

  1. Learn about the three basic team modes: Survival mode, Learning mode and Self Organization Mode. Learn how to know which mode your team is in right now.
  2. Learn essential skills for the three modes of leadership you will need for the three phases of the team: Command and control leadership, Coaching and facilitative leadership.
  3. Learn how to change anything by understanding why people behave they way they do, and understanding the six influence forces that affect our behavior.
  4. Participate in engaging exercises that will examine your skills at the various leadership modes.


  1. The role of the leader, and the leader’s manifesto
  2. Introduction to elastic leadership
  3. The three team and leadership modes
  4. Focusing on Survival mode and how to get out of it
  5. Exercises on survival mode
  6. Commitment Language
  7. Exercises on Commitment Language

Limited number of seats!

Where: Living IT, Gustav Adolfs Torg 12, Malmö

When: March 3, 9:00-17:00

Price: 8000 SEK incl. 25 % VAT

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